Tuesday, January 7, 2014


2014 is the year that I am going to change. How am I going to change you may ask? I'm going to "Move More and Eat Well," at least I'm going to try my best. I'm off to a good start. So far I've completed all of the MMEW challenges each day (we did start on the 2nd instead of the 1st because I didn't find it until it was a bit too late to start on the 1st), I've done five yoga/fitness workouts, I've had 6-8 glasses of water everyday and no soda, and I've also participated in a reading discussion for the book "A Purpose Driven Life."

I also am going to try out some new things that I've always wanted to do. One of those things is this blog. I wish that I felt that I had something worth while to say to add to the education technology community that I am a part of. I want to be able to share since I've gained so much valuable information from so many. I want to do it without whining about the situations that I find myself in. I want what I have to say be important and helpful to someone else. To do this, I'm going to at least start with Kelly Wade Hines' blogging challenge, although I'm not doing it in 20 days. I'm going to try and do it in 20 weeks and add other posts when I have something important to share.

The other new thing that I'm excited about trying, is martial arts. This is something that I've always wanted to try, but didn't think that there were any dojos nearby. Recently, a fitness center opened at our local mall and they had some martial arts classes. When I looked into what they offered, I was a bit scared off by "grappling" and the wrestling mat in the middle of their floor. The description didn't appeal to me either. When I was doing the initial search, I saw that there was another place in a neighboring town that had martial arts. I went to that site and was very impressed by what I saw and thought that it was much closer to what I was looking for. I wanted the physical and the mental. So I filled out the "Contact Us" form and the woman called me back, but I didn't answer because it was a weird label. In the meantime, I listened to the voice mail and discussed it with my mom, who immediately knew who the woman was. This made me feel more comfortable right away.

Tonight she called back and made me feel wanted and feel that this was something I could do, regardless of the fibromyalgia and everything else. I'm going to visit a beginner session on Thursday night, that is if there is no snow or ice, and make a decision about whether or not I'm going to join. I'm fairly certain that I will be calling to make an appointment with my doctor to get a medical release signed so that I can start sooner, rather than later.

Check back soon for more news, shares, and blogs about my "Time for Change."